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HYDRA SENSE Skin Loving Mousse is a natural hand cream enriched with our organic goji extract! It’s unique light-texture absorbs instantly into the skin, leaving it intensely hydrated due to its moisturising properties resulted from a unique combination of goji berry fruit extract with sweet almond and Aloe Vera Oils.

Thanks to its abundance of Vitamin C and other essential nutrients, it offers multiple benefits for your hands:

✔️ Deep Nourishment: Our formula deeply nourishes your hands, leaving them feeling irresistibly soft:
✔️ Soothing Sensation: Crafted with care, it provides relief from dryness and discomfort, ensuring your hands are pampered.
✔️ Smooth Touch: Experience hands that are incredibly smooth and well-nourished.
✔️ Sensory Bliss: Our mousse pampers your senses with the delightful fragrances of lavender and jasmine extracts, creating a soothing and calming experience.
✔️ Artisanal Excellence: Each jar is lovingly handcrafted, ensuring your hands receive the finest care.

Elevate your hand care routine with HYDRA SENSE Skin Loving Mousse, a perfect fusion of nature's purity and advanced skincare, designed to meet your skin's needs.
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